URV Shop, all produts for you (*)

SHOP CLOSED: Between 24th July and 2nd September. In URV Shop, an online store open to everybody(*) you'll find different utility products, all of them customized with Universitat Rovira i Virgili's brand, the public university of the south of Catalonia.

(*) Members of the university community have a final discount of 10%.

Pick-up points on all the URV's campuses

With an approximate margin of 3 days, 5 in the case of Coma-ruga.

If necessary, you can request the order at home (shipping cost: €8 to the peninsula)

Secure payment

Pay your orders online, with virtual TPV.

Internal orders

Contact us and we will send you a user for your unit.

Delivery by internal mail: there is a minimum margin of 3 days (5 days in the case of Coma-ruga).

Discount for the university community

-10% per student and members of the PAS, PDI and ALUMNI. Applicable at the time of payment.